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Hello Unit Leaders,

Thank you for rechartering on time and ensuring you have the leaders to make it happen!

Some of you were notified during the recharter process about direct contact leaders in your unit not trained and were given until the end of March to fulfill that requirement if they were staying on. However, some chose to replace untrained leaders with others that met the requirement until the other potential leaders completed their training. Please remember that we would like all leaders to be trained but at the very minimum, we are asking that all CM, ACM,SM, ASM and Den Leaders complete their training. I understand our council doesnt offer as many outdoor trainings as we would like or even the courses that could be taken online but there are also other councils that might have what you are looking for. We want to make sure our youth receive the best instruction possible and it all starts with training! Note that this is part of your Journey to Excellence and it affects our overall district JTE so lets work together to make it happen.

Please reply back if your leaders are now trained so I can double check the system . Those of you who switched your leaders until training was completed from the ones that were initially listed, let me know if we should make that change so everyone is carrying the right positions.

I have included the link below with the requirements by program so you can share with unit unit leadership.

Training Requirements by Program

Evelyn Payan
(Sr. District Executive)

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